The Debating Society has achieved its best ever result at the 20th annual European Universities Debating Championship in Novi Sad, Serbia.
Sheffield’s first team, made up of Daniel Klein and Lucía Arce, finished third in Europe overall, bested only by Tel Aviv and Cambridge.
There were also individual accolades for the team: Lucía was named the best speaker in Europe, while Daniel was named the seventh best. The previous best result for a Sheffield speaker was eighth in 2014.
Lucía’s achievement also makes her the first ever speaker with English as a second language (ESL) to be named the best speaker at the European Universities Debating Championship.
She said: “Debating is an intellectually challenging, really fun activity that has led me to meet some of the cleverest people I know.
“It was an honour to represent Sheffield at the European Championship, and all the hard work Dan and I have put in the last year has bore fruit – Sheffield now has the third best team in Europe, and the best and seventh best speakers in the continent.
“Anyone who wants to get involved in debating and learn about public speaking should come join our society! We managed to make it thanks to training and hard work, and the support of the society.”
The second team, made up of Alex McCann and Victoria Reif-Breitwieser, finished 111th out of almost 200 teams.
Next year’s tournament will be held in Athens, Greece.
Daniel Klein said: “This was one of the most fantastic experiences of my life. I made amazing friends from across Europe, had great intellectual challenges and got to see a beautiful country.
“To be named the 7th best speaker in Europe is incredible, but I couldn’t have done it without my fabulous speaking partner Lucía. She is a joy to speak with and to watch, she is rhetorically and technically an amazing debater.
“I am incredibly proud of all of the Sheffield delegation.”


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