It’s hard to know where to start with Season 5 of Bojack Horseman. So much happens and where other shows might begin to lose their steam after 5 seasons, Bojack hits as hard this time around as it ever has, if not even more so.
Not every episode nor every arc is amazing; in particular Todd’s arc seems like a typical ‘Todd’ arc. Although it links to his asexuality yet desire for romance, it’s essentially the same case of some wacky events unfolding and that’s about it. There are, however, much stronger storylines. Princess Carolyn trying to adopt a child packed a particularly heavy emotional punch.
Despite its weaker aspects, there are some extremely powerful moments, with two in particular which are absolutely stunning. The less said the better, but they were both amazing and haunting in their own regards.
As usual, the show successfully tackles various aspects of Hollywood society with some superb satire. One highlight is the show’s ridicule of how every single book now has a movie adaptation, when a greeting card is greenlighted for a movie. Of course, other serious problems are tackled too, with the very current themes of feminism in Hollywood and the #MeToo movement addressed. Bojack has a short-lived career as a celeb feminist, but of course he’s doing it for the attention and approval more than anything else.
One of the things which makes Bojack such a special show is everyone who watches it relates to it in their own special way. Some people are the joyful Mr Peanutbutter, some are the bright, underutilised Diane and some are as motivated and driven as Princess Carolyn. Whatever your personal take, it provides a fascinating mirroring effect, one which no other TV show has mastered so well.


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