Broomhill Friery are set to change their menu this week, adding more vegetarian friendly dishes to their repertoire.
Despite already having vegetarian gravy and curry sauce, as well as frying all their food in vegetable oil, owner Dan Bean thinks moving towards a more vegetarian-friendly menu is the right move for Broomhill Friery.
Speaking to Forge Press, he said: “After 10pm around fifty percent of the business we do is vegetarian anyway. It makes sense to add more options for the drunk vegetarians that visit us after a night out.
“I don’t think we should be eating much meat anyway, it’s better for the environment and your body not to.”
Bean, nephew of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings star Sean Bean, has already named one of his vegetarian options after his uncle’s fame – the Lord of the Rings inspired ‘Boromir Special’.

“I don’t think we should be eating much meat anyway.”

Consisting of chips, cheese, gravy and ‘lord of the onion rings’, this is already served to hungry vegetarians at Broomhill Friery along with the standard vegetarian burger. As of Friday 5 October, vegetarian ‘chicken’ nuggets will be added to the menu.
Bean said: “We did a survey of vegetarians about whether they would prefer a vegetarian sausage or nuggets and nearly all of them said nuggets.
“I’m going to try and keep the prices as economical as possible but it’s important to add that we aren’t very vegan friendly currently.”

half of broomhill friery customers after 10pm are vegetarian

Shaun Perryment, a vegetarian student in the area, said: “As an avid vegetarian it is swell to finally be catered for after a few Doom Bars. I know a lot of part-timer veggies that just give in and get the meat options, hopefully this will stop happening so much now.
“Usually I just have to get chips but now Broomhill Friery are offering us a few options. I’ll definitely be visiting them more.”


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