Sahar Ghadirian spoke to Sea Girls ahead of their gig at Leadmill on 12 October.

Your latest single ‘All I Want To Hear You Say’ is an instant hit, what was the story behind it and the writing process?

It’s about respecting yourself and not defining yourself in relation to others. Everyone is a person in their own right and should treat themselves as such. Like all of our songs, it’s very personal, but we wanted to put this massive sound on it, so we went full throttle chucking everything at it.

With the positive reaction to the Adored EP released back in August, can fans expect more material soon or news of a possible album?

Yes, there’ll definitely be more songs soon. We’re playing a few new ones on our UK October tour so you can expect to hear some of them.

As you embark on your upcoming headline tour, what are you most excited about going on the road again?

Playing for fans who are signing along night after night is just the best feeling. We love every single person that comes down to see us. Our fans have so much energy which really allows us to put in as much energy as we can – every gig is a unique and special experience for us.

You have The Pale White and Vistas supporting you on tour, what new music or artists have you been listening to recently?

Those two are definitely up there, we’re big fans! We first played with the Pale White almost a year ago at Neighbourhood Festival so it’s going to be great doing these shows with them. The whole scene right now is great and it’s been amazing sharing stages with bands like Anteros, whenyoung and Marsicans all summer.

You’re touring for a couple of weeks, what essentials do you need while on the road?

I’m gonna go with toothpaste. You can’t skimp on oral hygiene, especially on a tour. Closely following that would be a DVD copy of Gladiator. That’s a real must.

Is there one particular city or venue you enjoy playing at the most?

It’s like choosing a favourite child! On the last tour, we loved every stop. Manchester was particularly rowdy and we always get an amazing reception, it’s great. But maybe it’ll end up being somewhere we haven’t played yet. Hint hint Sheffield!

It’s no secret that you have a very dedicated fanbase, what would you say is the best or craziest thing your fans have ever done for you?

We’ve had drawings, paintings and taken countless pictures with our lovely fans, but our favourite is definitely three fans who have a Megazord style tattoo of our logo (one line on each arm). Suffice to say, we’ll never forget the day they surprised us with that.

Your summer single ‘Too Much Fun’ hints at some very wild experiences, what is the most fun thing you’ve done this year as a band?

I mean, playing 22 festivals has been pretty fun. We always wanted to play Reading and Leeds ever since we went as kids so it was incredibly special to not only play but to get an amazing reaction.

A favourite song of mine is ‘Adored’, which reminds me of The 1975’s sound, would you say they are an influence to the band? If not, who is?

The 1975 are definitely an influence on our band. They’re great at constantly shifting their sound, which is something we love. We all bought tickets to their O2 arena show so they must be doing something right. Whether we consciously tried to create that sound for ‘Adored’, I’m not sure.

If you had to play one cover at each show, what would you choose?

We’ve toyed endlessly about trying to fit a cover into our sets but the problem is we can never agree on a song. For a long time, we were planning to do ‘Shake It Out’ by Florence and the Machine but we never got around to it. Not because we don’t like it, just because we can’t help getting distracted and writing our own songs. Maybe one day we’ll finally get around to it, so listen out for that.

Lastly Oli, I’ve noticed you’ve got a lovely cat called Genghis, if you could all choose one animal to be for a day, what would it be? And do you think you’ll be bringing Genghis on tour? He’d make a great support act.

Genghis would definitely make a lovely support act but I think if I took the cat with me on tour my girlfriend wouldn’t be too happy at being left alone. I’m going to answer for everyone here and these are DEFINITIVE answers. I  would be a parrot, Rory would be a beaver, Henry a llama and Andrew a poodle. Ciao!

Image: Patrick Gunning



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