Swimming and Water Polo are in the hotseat for the next instalment of Captain’s corner, with Matt Graves answering the questions.


What’s it like being in the swimming and water polo club?

MG: The swimming and water polo club is fully inclusive and is fantastic for both performance and social members. We have two men’s and women’s water polo teams, with three swimming squads across the club, so we cater for all abilities.

What are your aims for this year?

MG: While each team has its individual performance aims, our aim this year is to ensure we are fully accessible. We’re hoping to be able to provide a phenomenal opportunity for everyone, regardless of their current experience in swimming or water polo. To achieve this, we’ve opened up our third squad called the ‘Gateway Squad’, aiming to prepare less experienced swimmers to move closer towards being competitive swimmers.

How did you get into the sport?

MG: I got into swimming as a form of discipline. My mum, having never swum herself, saw the incredible benefits there were to training hard before and after school, respecting a coach and teammates daily. When I retired from swimming, aged 14, I took those lessons into my water polo career, which has seen me through to where I am now.

How was last season?

MG: Last season was incredible for the club. We had the most members we’ve ever had, the most training and competition opportunities we’ve ever had and, most of all, the best results we’ve ever had. Our men’s water polo 1s took all the headlines, winning promotion to the Northern Premier League, putting us in the top six in the country. Our women’s water polo 1s weren’t far behind however, winning silver in both BUCS Division 2 and the Northern Conference Cup. On the swimming side, it was another big year with BUCS Finals for Amber Keegan and Tom Garden. In the Steel Cup, the squad also placed in the medals. It was an unbelievable year for the club, but we’re looking to build on these foundations.

How can people get involved?

MG: People interested in joining should email Matt Graves, on suswpc@sheffield.ac.uk, as we offer rolling recruitment all year round.


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