Fresh from performing to huge crowds at more than 20 festivals this summer,  four-piece indie group Sea Girls gave a punchy headline performance at Sheffield’s The Leadmill.

The London-based quartet composing of Oli Khan, vocals/guitar, Rory Young, guitar, Andrew Noswad, bass and Henry Camamile drums have attracted quite the following with their catchy choruses and unbelievably infectious live presence. Their latest single ‘All I Want To Hear You Say’, as well as their summer EP Adored are a testament to their anthemic indie-pop sound. The band have achieved a lot of radio success, notably with Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1. From getting their first Radio 1 play by Annie for the 2017 single ‘Call Me Out’, ‘All I Want To Hear You Say’ has also recently been chosen as ‘Tune Of The Week’ by Annie – clearly a keen supporter of the sonic Sea Girls sound.

Welcomed to the stage by a sound of screams, the band opened up with the melodic ‘Eat Me Whole’ as the barriers of Leadmill’s back-room bounced. ‘Favourite Colour’, a fan favourite which isn’t usually played, was next on the setlist. You could see the admiration for this catchy 2017 classic as the crowd moved in unison to the chiming riffs.
‘Forever’ and ‘Where You Are’ were two new, unreleased songs played by the band. The former saw Oli crouching on a personal level with the fans. Judging by its reception, it will be a future hit.

Oli’s expressive vocals were showcased in ‘Heavenly War’, an exciting song all about being young and being at conflict with your own feelings and desires.  Ultimately it focuses on living for the moment regardless, which resonated with a lot of the crowd.

The anthemic singles ‘Too Much Fun’ and ‘All I Want To Hear You Say’ created the biggest mosh pits of the night, spanning almost the entire dancefloor.

After more than an hour, the crowd’s energy didn’t die down – in fact, they upped their game during the final songs ‘Call Me Out’ and ‘Adored’. One woman climbed upon the barrier to crowd surf, with Oli soon copying, and two men invaded the stage to accompany the rest of the band.

Before the band had even left the stage, chants of an encore were in full swing. With that came the final song, ‘Lost’. A powerfully authentic indie track which a lot of us can connect with – being lost, and wanting someone we love to save us from whatever difficulty we want to escape. With fans on shoulders and the crowd bouncing, there was a real sense of joy for everyone in that room at that moment.

Despite being a Sea Girls fan for a while, this was my first time seeing them live.  The gig left me feeling breathless and slightly speechless, and not just because of how sweaty it got, but because the set was something spectacular. There was an incredible sense of spirit in each song sung and ultimately, their set was nothing short of seismic.

Crowd surfs, stage dives and stage invasions are an indication of how well musicians interact with their fans and paired with the group’s exceptional ability to write and perform energetic, youthful tunes, you can only imagine how special their impact is on those who have discovered their growing catalogue. It goes without saying, Sea Girls are a band to watch out for, and a must-see live, especially as they continue to write new music.
Image: Sea Girls


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