A University of Sheffield student is aiming to forge an American Football career in Europe.

Mark Price is a French and Economics student currently on a year abroad studying in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Whilst he was here in Sheffield he played for both the Sheffield Sabres and the Sheffield Giants as a wide receiver.

He left the Giants and the Sabres at the end of last academic year and hopes to attend the Euro Combine, an event where the top prospects from around the world can showcase their skills in a number of drills and exercises.

Price also hopes he can play in the German Football League, an elite American Football league which was set up in 1979.

He said: “I’m extremely excited for the Combine, the main thing for me is just the opportunity to compete with players at a really high level because that is what you need to show you where your game is lacking.”

Price’s style of play is catered toward route running; standing at 6ft3in he excels in contested catches and because of his size he is often used in concepts that create a one on match up with a defender.

He excelled last season and his style of play helped him win the honour of Most Valuable Player in 2018 for the Giants.

After his studies he wants to return to Sheffield to continue playing.

He said: “My main goal right now is using my time playing in Switzerland to prepare myself to help the Sheffield Sabres win a championship when I return; this team is really the one closest to my heart which I care about the most.”

The Euro Combine starts on Saturday 3 November at Schwabisch Hall in Germany.


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