A storm of outrage has forced a Sheffield burger joint to apologise and backtrack after it added a ‘Weinstein burger’ to the menu – and many are calling for further action.
Randy’s Hardcore Hamburgers was accused of ‘exploiting victims of sexual abuse’ in naming a burger after the shamed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who was accused of sexual misconduct by more than 70 women.
In a statement, the restaurant apologised for the “insensitive naming of the Weinstein burger”, and hoped that Sheffield locals would “understand that we are guilty of nothing more than poor taste”.
But many were left outraged on Twitter, labelling the “just poor taste” apology as ‘missing the bigger picture’, not going far enough and feeding into a culture of trivialising sexual assault.
Other burgers on the ‘x-rated menu’ include the ‘casting couch’, the ‘fake taxi’ and the ‘hardcore classic’.

‘Not welcome in Sheffield’

Nav Hundal was among the storm of disgust on Twitter, asking “why are you apologising only for the Weinstein burger and not the others? Do you think the others are acceptable?”
Labour MP for Sheffield Heeley Louise Haigh called it “grotesque” and said she won’t be visiting Randy’s.
Another commented: “This isn’t banter. It’s puerile, ill-considered, and wholly unacceptable. Please sort yourselves out and change this ridiculous and offensive menu.”

“re-brand, re-print and make a donation to some local sexual abuse charity”

Jaq Chell added: “You need to stop this. You’re being not tongue-in-cheek, you’re making light of sexual assault. Fake Taxi? Weinstein? Your burger names are not welcome in Sheffield.”
Under the grill across the globe, American news outlet Fox News even reported how Randy’s Sheffield has come ‘under fire’. 

The menu at Randy’s Sheffield.

Randy’s in Manchester, joined the condemnation in tweeting: “Randy’s Hardcore Hamburgers in Sheffield is an independent off shoot and not part of the same company. Randy’s MCR never have and never will sell this burger or glamorise sexual assault.”
Both restaurants share the same menu, except the ‘Weinstein burger’ that only appears on the Sheffield version.

User @DavidLaPew said: “It’s not rocket science guys – apologise for the whole menu, withdraw it totally, re-brand, re-print and make a donation to some local sexual abuse charity.
“This is not enough.”

Harvey Weinstein. Picture: Wikimedia Commons

Several people on Twitter also called for a boycott of the newly-opened Sheffield burger restaurant.
Another accused Randy’s of reducing the ‘real issue’ of women unwittingly entering dangerous situations in fake taxis, including a recent death in Wakefield, to ‘simply a porn production’.

The burger company said: “Randy’s Hardcore Hamburgers Sheffield would like to genuinely apologise for any offence it has caused for its insensitive naming of the Weinstein burger. And as such have amended our menu.
“At no point does Randys look to glamourise or promote sexual assault towards any member of the community.
“We realise our mistake and trust that the People of Sheffield accept our sincere apologies and understand that we are guilty of nothing more than poor taste.
“Apologies once again from Randys.”


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