Slaughterhouse Rulez is the debut feature from Stolen Pictures, a production company founded by longtime comedy partners Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Don Wallace (Finn Cole) enters the world of Slaughterhouse, an elitist boarding school that harbours a dark secret. When a nearby fracking accident releases evil forces into the school grounds, Don must fight alongside his new schoolmates, the troubled outcast Willoughby Blake (Asa Butterfield) and school goddess Clemsie Lawrence (Hermione Corfield), for survival.
The film is a typical Pegg and Frost horror-comedy, with quick, crude British humour and outlandish gore guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Director Crispian Mills makes use of impressive drone shots to exhibit the beautiful Slaughterhouse Hall and its surroundings. However, the camera is rarely still which leads to some very busy scenes. A sequence where the main cast run through tunnels is very uncomfortable and disorientating, with a combination of shaky camera work and flashing lights.
The plot is fast-paced and chaotic, with little flow between scenes. There is a lack of character development and weak chemistry between the main cast, although Butterfield shines as the perturbed Willoughby.
If you are a fan of Shaun of the Dead and The World’s End you will find this film entertaining. Even though it’s hard to shed the thought that had Edgar Wright been the man in the director’s chair, like with the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, Slaughterhouse Rulez would be a far more nuanced, intelligent and ultimately enjoyable film. Whilst not a bad piece of work, it will inevitably be compared to earlier, more successful Pegg and Frost features, and Slaughterhouse Rulez is noticeably poorer in quality.

3 stars
Image credit: Movie DB


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