This week on Captain’s Corner, Trampolining captain Charlotte Sweet and vice-captain Liam O’Keefe give us a rundown of what the sport and the society are like.

How did you get in to the sport?

CS: I was introduced to trampolining by a school friend who suggested that I should come along to one of her training sessions. I loved the sport immediately, and am still doing it five years on to prove it!

LO: I used to do gymnastics when I was younger, and did a little bit of trampolining with it at the age of 10. And I came back to it in my second year at university.

What’s it like being a part of the society?

CS: It’s more like a family than a society or sports team! The club is very relaxed and although there are many members who come to every training session, competition and social, this is not required to be a part of the club. It’s a common misconception that all members need to compete. This is not the case, people only compete if they want to. This places less pressure on members and allows them to focus on their academic studies, alongside being a part of a sports team. It produces a really relaxed environment, where people can just come along and have fun!

LO: It’s incredible fun, meeting new people, having a laugh and you make some great friends. It’s hard to think of life not being part of this society.

What’s the sport like?

CS: Trampolining is unlike many ‘traditional’ sports because it doesn’t separate people into teams. There are differing levels of ability, which people can either do recreationally or competitively. However, because it is a sport where people compete individually, everyone trains together and is a part of the trampolining team. We have training, competitions and regular socials, so there is something for everyone to get involved with. Trampolining is an amazing sport which truly is for everyone. It is a sport which people can join at university having never been on a trampoline before, or having done it most of their life. We pride ourselves on being a really inclusive sport and club, welcoming anyone and everyone!

LO: It’s thrilling, and it takes a lot of mental perseverance. A big part of trampolining is how you think your way through each move, and how you can overcome your fear of trying something new or scary.

Aims for this year?

CS: We hold a ‘Big Bounce’ each year to raise money for charity. During the big bounce we have at least one person bouncing on a trampoline for 12 hours, a bake sale and a raffle. This year my aim is to make this the biggest event yet! Along with the support of the University’s students, I also want to get schools, children’s clubs, and one of Sheffield’s trampolining disability groups involved. We want to help our charity ‘Rays of Sunshine’ to continue their important work by raising as much money as possible.

LO: Personally, I want to become neater so my routines look nicer and to progress the difficulty of my moves a bit further. But for the club I want to help get as many people involved as possible! It’s an amazing sport that is quite underrated, and it is really easy to get started with. You don’t have to come and train seriously, you can come just to have some fun and socialize.

How can people get involved/get in touch?

CS: People are welcome to join trampolining at any point in the year. We don’t have trials, so newcomers are welcome all year round! We train at Goodwin on Thursdays 8-10pm and Sunday 5-7pm. So if people are interested they are welcome to simply turn up and join in.

LO: We have a Facebook group – the University of Sheffield Trampolining Club – which we keep up to date with all the club’s activity and upcoming events. I also check the club email daily and will reply to any emails with enquiries.


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