This week on Captain’s Corner, Orla McCann speaks to us about the society from Strength Sports.

How did you get into the sport?

I started Olympic lifting when I was 13 (this involves the snatch and clean and jerk) as I was into sport and many athletes use it to build explosive power. From there I just loved feeling strong and being able to do something not everyone expects

How does the club work? Is it like a normal sports club?

It is not a normal sports club, as in there is not one sport that people are training for. Our focuses are powerlifting and Olympic lifting but also just generally getting more people involved in lifting weights. We have a women’s session every Tuesday, which are £2 on the door or included in a full membership. We also run conditioning sessions every Saturday, often lifters complain about doing cardio but we still integrate it into our sessions. The rest of our sessions are open, meaning people come and train however they like, but everyone shares training programmes and ideas.

What’s the society like?

The society is not at all daunting, as most people would think. Everyone’s super friendly and welcoming. It is quite relaxed but when anyone is trying for a new personal best everyone gets behind them and helps cheer them on. We are currently running one rep max sessions every week for the main lifts of deadlift, bench and squat which is going really well with everyone hitting big weights. The club is still growing as it’s only six years old and memberships increase every year.

How did the athletes perform last year?

There aren’t many competitions around for our athletes to compete in so we try to do ‘in-house’ meets, however we had a number of athletes go to the Northern Universities Powerlifting competition. For many it was their first ever competition with nearly all getting PBs and many placing!

Aims for this year?

Our aims are to get more people involved, not just in lifting weights but also competing, as well as increasing how social the club is. As lifting is an individual sport, the club has previously struggled to be as social as others. However, this has dramatically changed this year thanks to our social secretary and the club’ is closer than ever.

How can people get in touch?

All of our information is on our Facebook page, Sheffield University Strength Sports, but if anyone has any questions just drop us a message and we normally get back to you within the hour. We also have an Instagram page “uosstrength” which we use to keep everyone updated


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