Husky Loops play the kind of gig you feel in your chest. Playing at Sheffield’s intimate Record Junkee, I got a chance to speak to the three-piece band as they celebrated the release of their latest EP, Spool, in an impressive style.
For a relatively new act, lately they’ve been churning out great music like it’s going out of fashion. The new EP doesn’t buck this trend – a striking mix of ecstatic pop vibes with ‘20 Blanks’ and heavy, powerful sounds with ‘Good As Gold’. A tonally surprising EP with their two most recent singles, it combines touches of Beck and Kasabian with a rollercoaster of energy levels and emotions.
“We kinda wanted something you digest more as ‘okay, it’s an actual EP’, because we actually feel like if we put our first two Eps together, we have a first album”, says frontman Danio Forni about what they wanted to do with Spool.
The group’s talent is apparent in their popularity – they’re accelerating through the music scene, helped by supporting the likes of Placebo and the Kills, as well as even having ‘Every Time I Run’ featured on the new Fifa 19 soundtrack. “It’s really happening, I’m really glad it’s there – it really fits”,
But it’s not all popularity and praise, as Danio details, “There was one guy who hated [the song] so much – it was the best comment of all time – ‘Oh my god, this is so annoying I had to uninstall the song’, and I thought ‘it’s so weird, but it’s a great way to listen to music’”.
With such a varied discography, everyone has a different reaction to their music, but this isn’t really a consideration during their songwriting process. “I don’t think too much about what the reaction to a song is gonna be – that’s what we do live. In fact, live shows in the end shape songs”, says Danio. The guitarist takes an artistically pure outlook on making music, “For me it’s quite personal, I just wanna do what I think is right to do.I believe you’re really gonna enjoy our songs, or hate them, which is a form of enjoyment if you’re really honest with it”.  
The band are unwavering in their drive for originality and creativity, flouncing expectations and refusing to be predictable. Conforming to a specific genre or committing to a certain direction can restrict your ability to make whatever you want, and Forni is acutely aware of this. “I wanted to do something that felt like me. Like, I am unique, you are unique, and if you’re really honest with yourself, you won’t be pigeonholed”.
All hailing from Bologna, Italy, Husky Loops are now based in London, but they have played their fair share of gigs in Europe. “In Europe there’s this general thing of being really interested in bands coming from England”, says Tomasso. “The UK doesn’t understand what a privileged position it’s in”, adds Pietro, “because of the myth of British music, all European countries are waiting for that scene to come, so as soon as you’re a ‘London band’, it’s a huge thing”.
The trio are committed to their sound and keeping their music honest and pure. Already they’ve begun to define their own space in the market, exploring and experimenting, so I was curious as to what they had planned next. Danio gives me a very succinct answer – “I have no fucking clue”. But he smiles and elaborates “and I think that’s great, because the best things come from chaos”. Nodding, Pietro rounds off, “In the next month we’re just gonna lock ourselves in a studio, and if we manage not to kill each other, something amazing will come out”.
On stage, Husky Loops play a visceral set. They tended to only take a few breaks, sewing their songs together with impressive ease. They were fairly taciturn when up there, but they more than made up for that. Musically, they were difficult to predict, even more surprising than they were already. It was a gig that immersed you in the sound, keeping you constantly engaged. To close, they finished their huge crescendo with a few minutes of high-tempo freestyle – with Danio and Pietro on the sampler.
Their talent is blindingly obvious, even in the relative dark they submerged their stage in. With only a projector and minimal lighting, the overall effect focused the attention onto the music, very much in line with the band’s ethos. Accenting each song with a small slideshow or design gave a little insight into the meaning for their music.
Husky Loops are making waves that are only set to bigger. If you want surprising and entertaining with quality music, this is the band for you.   


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