Circa Waves will release their ‘cinematic and ambitious’ third studio album, ‘What’s It Like Over There?’, in April 2019.
Although it won’t be released until next year, the record has been finished since July, and frontman Kieran Shudall even had the final product on his phone when we spoke to him and bassist Sam Rourke in the summer at Y Not? festival.
“[This album] is pretty different”, Sam explained. “I think it still sounds like us, but we’ve moved it in a direction that I think we’re all more interested in.
“I think every time we do an album it’s like, ‘alright we’ve done one of those now’. We never want to be a band that just does the same album four times. It’s just fucking boring. So I think we’ve satisfied our own creative curiosities every time we’ve done one.”
The band’s debut album, Young Chasers, was released in 2015 and made the UK top ten. It was followed up in 2017 with the heavier Different Creatures, and the band say they have changed their sound again for this record.
“I think you’ll be able to tell it’s us,” said Kieran. “But the first record was a bit summery, the second was a bit more rock, this feels more cinematic and ambitious.
“I feel like each was a stepping stone to get us to that next point of like headlining shows, headlining festivals, and this album is really us putting our flag in the ground and going like, ‘we’re fucking ready now’.”
Along with the announcement of the new album, Circa Waves released new single ‘Movies’ on Tuesday, and the band sound more mature than ever.
“I think the longer you’re in a band with people, you just get better and better, because you start to have this invisible sixth sense when you’re on stage,” said Kieran
“That just becomes really enjoyable to play in the same band for that long. So that’s what I think has changed. We’ve gone from like ‘shit, what’s going on?’ to like, ‘we’ve got this’.”
In 2017 Shudall said he could see the band being close to headlining Reading and Leeds festivals within five years, and his ambitions have not shrunk since then.
“That sounds like something stupid I would say,” he laughed. “Five years? I think more like three years would be better. It probably is three years now. I think we’re on course, everything is where it should be. We’ve headlined one festival, Leefest.
“I think our ambition grows with every record so if anything we’re more ambitious now. We just want to keep playing bigger and better shows.”


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