Toys for Bob have done a stunning job with Spyro: Reignited Trilogy. Much like Vicarious Visions’ Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy of 2017, we see a faithful and loving remake of a PS One classic, clearly made by fans, for fans. With bright colours, a brilliant voice cast and highly enjoyable gameplay, there are only a select few things that let the trilogy down, but none are issues big enough to ruin the experience. In other words, Spyros’s return finally makes Spyro feel authentic again after his disastrous Skylanders experience.
Each cutscene looks and feels like something out of a Saturday morning cartoon, and this works perfectly for the style of all three games. Tom Kenny returns as Spyro and brings a truly nostalgic feel to the collection. It is especially nice to hear him in Spyro The Dragon, replacing the nasally voice of the original voice actor. The cutscenes are familiar to anyone who has played the series before; but appear more frequently and give more insight into the colourful world of Spyro, offering more characterisation and emotion than what was ever capable on the PS1. The Dragons especially have their own unique personalities, which is a joy to see, rather than the same recycled dragon model over and over of the original trilogy.
Gliding feels exactly like it did in the original games, which can be frustrating in the first, particularly when making certain jumps over death pits with no room for error. The second and third games do make up for this however, with the life saving ability to hover after a glide, but it is easy to wish that they had just added this into the first game in the series as well. The soundtrack is also one of the best in gaming, with the useful ability to switch between the Original and Reignited soundtracks for more control over how you experience the game.
The one flaw the games share is the camera, by far the most frustrating part of the experience. By having the camera in passive mode (a standard move-it-yourself camera) it is easy to end up looking at a wall rather than an enemy, and all too often it is a struggle to turn around without receiving some damage first.  The Y axis camera is also impossibly fiddly and can cause many frustrations. The camera can be set to active, which means that the camera will follow you around naturally and can be re-centred with L1 or LB, however this involves not touching the camera button at all, which for a modern game feels unnatural. It is, however, the more efficient way to play the games. While the camera becomes less of a challenge in the open spaces of the second and third games, it is the worst nightmare imaginable in the original game.
Overall, apart from the camera frustration, the Reignited Trilogy is a must buy for Spyro fans and first timers. It offers three excellent games, for the low price of £29.99, much like the N. Sane Trilogy was, and that itself is reason enough to pick it up. It is a collection that long-time fans will adore and newcomers will enjoy, truly making 2018 the Year of the Dragon.


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