Ghost the Musical was a beautifully done performance, and came complete with inspirational music and highly talented performers. It is the story of a happy young couple, Molly and Sam, who are living in New York when disaster strikes, leaving Sam dead. In his grief, he finds himself unable to move on from earth, and throughout the plot, the shocking discovery that his death may not have been the accident they thought it was, is made.
The actors performed exceptionally well, especially Rebekah Lowings playing Molly, who provided goosebumps with her beautiful vocal performance and the harmonies she shared with Sam (Niall Sheehy) were particularly impressive on both their parts. Jacqui DuBois also deserves a special mention for her superb comedic timing and the hilarity she brought to the stage in her role as Oda Mae Brown (the psychic). Overall, the story was told in a very light-hearted and humorous way, making it a joy to experience.
The staging was flawless, the sets breath-taking and the special effects exhilarating. There were moments during the performance when I honestly couldn’t figure out how they were pulling off such impressive feats. The lighting was used exceptionally well; leading to some truly spellbinding moments.
I must admit, I wasn’t completely sold on this show right away and found the first few scenes to be a bit on the cheesy side. This quickly changed as the storyline rapidly moved forward and swept the audience up in the action. The second half proved to be even better than the first and the ending was so fabulously done it resulted in a well-deserved standing ovation from the audience. One area that was a tad disappointing was the choreography; coming across as very simplistic and static, though the performers did do a good job.
Overall, Ghost the Musical was a lovely night out at the theatre – it was sweet, touching and full of poignant moments that’ll go straight to your heart.
Ghost the Musical is showing at Lyceum Theatre 15th-19th January.


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