This week on Captain’s Corner Beth Dexter and Lily Evans introduce us to the stunt cheerleading society.

How did you get into the sport?

BD: I went to the sports fair at the start of the year and signed up to the give it a gos, I knew I wanted to try cheerleading but didn’t know I’d do stunt and love it!

LE: My boyfriend’s sister was part of the Sabrecats and spoke so highly of them, so I went along to the freshers fair and to the give it a go and loved it!

How does stunt cheerleading differ from other types of cheerleading?

BD: Stunt cheerleading compromises of stunting, jumps, dance and tumbling. We don’t have pom-poms and we compete at various competitions (don’t compete at varsity).

LE: As well as that stunt has got much more of an acrobatic element. Pom cheer is based mainly on dance and jumps.

What’s the society like?

BD: The society is amazing!! So friendly and helpful, it’s where I’ve made some of the best friends ever. It really feels like more than a team because you know that no matter what is happening you will have someone to turn to because they’re so supportive

LE: The society is amazing! It’s mainly made up of girls, but the number of boys is increasing. We’re all very close and attend weekly socials to ROAR.

Do you compete in BUCS? Where do you perform?

BD: We are not a BUCS sport, but we do have three competitions a year where we compete in the national university cheerleading competitions.

LE: This year the events are in March and take place in Sheffield, Derby and Nottingham, which hosts the final

Aims for this year?

BD: This year we introduced a new level one competition team which we had never had before, this team is comprised of girls who have never done cheer before or have never competed in a cheerleading competition. Our main aim was to make the club even more successful than last year, this also included increasing the confidence of our blue squad and improving our relationship with the American football team.

How can people get in touch?

BD: you can email us on, all the committee have access to this email and can answer any questions. Alternatively, you can message myself or lily and we will be happy to chat.


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