By David Anderson | @danderson_96
The candidates for this year’s Students’ Union Officer elections have been announced, with 39 students running for the eight paid roles.
Over the next two weeks the candidates will campaign for why they think they deserve your vote, until the new Officers are announced on Thursday 28 February in the annual results night in Foundry – the home of Pop Tarts.
The eight officer positions are: President (4 candidates), Education (4 candidates), Welfare (4 candidates), Women’s (5 candidates), International Students’ (6 candidates), SU Development (2 candidates), Activities (11 candidates) and Sport (3 candidates).

The Officers make key decisions about how the SU is run

The SU Officer positions are full-time paid sabbatical roles, and during their year in office they make key decisions about how the SU is run. Also elected are also two unpaid Student Trustees.
The Officers and Student Trustees make up part of the SU’s Board of Trustees, which is responsible for the governance and financial and strategic management of the Union, along with up to four External Trustees, who aren’t University of Sheffield students but are appointed to bring professional skills to the Board.
The 2018/19 Officer team made history as Sheffield SU’s first all-woman team, led by President Lilian Jones.
Campaigning for this year’s roles will be online-only until Wednesday 20 February, when physical campaigning can begin and candidates will begin plastering campus with posters and banners.
Forge Media will host Debates Nights on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 February in which candidates will sit in panels discussing their policies.
Voting will be open from Monday 25 – Thursday 28 February, on the SU website.
Full list of candidates:
President: Gabe Milne, Jake Verity, Ashley Routh, Emily Doyland.
Education: Sam Nash, Charlie Porter, Ben Warner, Jaz Carlow.
Welfare: Sadie Base, Dot Hakim, Beren (Bez) Maddison, Tymiah Ford.
Women’s: Grace Thambyrajah, Tanvi Save, Sara French, Rosa Tully, Cara Mahon.
International Students’: Chengyin Liu, Chino Olumba, Mengya (Sissi) Li, Laura Prieto, Ruiwei Chen, Rana Gharaybeh.
SU Development: Harry Carling, Jordan Weir.
Activities: Abhi Kongari, Matt Akrivos, Harry Hirst, Shannon Greaves, Muhammad Rashid, Dan Tomlinson, Bethan Jones, Bhumika (Bhumi) Jethnani, Charlotte Dale, Martha Daisy Evans, Catherine Doan.
Sport: Brittany Bowles, Mem Swanborough, Annie Timmis.
Elected Student Trustees: Mark Ayad, Luke Tippins, Joshua S Glicklich, William Roberts, Wing Sum, Natalia Mole, Hamish Sams, Kelly Madden, Craig De Gouveia, Callum Southgate, Youssef Maharem, Lorenzo Omar, Stephen Langford, Katie Little, Kirsty Ngo, Robert Payne, Maria Wang Mei Hua, Emily Jones.
Find more information about the candidates in the SU’s Candidate’s Guide here.
Visit Forge Media’s Elections site for more information here, and for more information about how SU Officer Elections work, check out Forge TV’s explainer video:


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