By David Anderson
Well it’s just like Christmas Eve, isn’t it? Tomorrow’s the big day. Tomorrow voting closes and we find out who will be running our Students’ Union next year. I hope you’ve left out milk and cookies for the Returning Officers.
If you haven’t cast your votes yet, you’ve got until 5pm tomorrow to do so. We’re just shy of 6,000 voters so far, and the SU are really pushing to get that number up.
However, it’s important that you know who you’re voting for, and don’t just vote for the sake of it. Forge Debates and roundtables took place last week, but we wanted to give candidates one final chance to have their Final Word on why you should vote for them.
You can read the final rallying calls of candidates for all Officer roles tomorrow. But, in the meantime, here’s what the Presidential candidates had to say…

The four President candidates gave their Final Word in this year’s elections to Forge Press this evening

Emily Doyland
“I am the only Presidential candidate with experience of successfully lobbying for change in both the SU and the University. Not all 29,000 students are part of societies and sports or engaged with the SU, but every student deserves to be represented. I’m proud to be the only Presidential candidate focusing on wellbeing in my manifesto and believe welfare and leadership are not mutually exclusive. I’ve loved meeting everyone while campaigning and hearing how passionate we all are about improving wellbeing across uni. Let’s elect only the third woman President in 21 years: vote Emily #1 for SU President.”
Ashley Routh
“Every year, candidates run for president and promise things that either aren’t in the remit of a president to do, or which simply can’t be achieved with the budget available to the officers.
“I want to change that. A vote for me is a vote to abolish the position of president, to give more power to the officer roles with actual jobs to do, and a vote to save almost 20k which can be put towards better causes.
“Vote to end the presidency. Vote Ash Routh.”
Jake Verity
“You should vote for me because above everything else, I’ll always have your best interests at heart. I will listen to whatever you have to say and I will fight for the issues that matter to you.
“I want to be the President who creates a real vision to believe in and the one who leaves a lasting legacy that will benefit future generations for years to come.
“I will go above and beyond to ensure that your time in Sheffield is the best it can possibly be.
“Vote me as your next SU President. I won’t let you down.”
Gabe Milne
“There is only one candidate in this race fighting for sports teams and societies. There is only one candidate pledging to stand up to racism and build interfaith relations. There is only one candidate with a comprehensive plan to address accessibility in our SU. I am that candidate.
“I’ve rewritten SU and NUS policies, defended Jewish students and toppled an MP. I am a fighter who gets results more than any other candidate, and you can rely on me to do the same as your president.”
Tomorrow night the new Officers will be announced at Sheffield SU

So, there you have it. Who’s won your vote? Don’t tell us, head over to and make your decision count. And come back tomorrow to read what the candidates for the other roles had to say.
Aside from the Officer race, there have been developments regarding this year’s referenda ahead of tomorrow night’s results.
Late last night, quorum was reached for the Societies and Sports Councillor referendum, meaning it has received the required number of votes to be valid. Therefore, if more students voted for the proposal than against, it will be passed. You can find out more about this referendum here.
And, as always, you can keep up to date with our Elections coverage on our Live Blog, or you can recap on last week’s coverage by listening to Forge Radio’s roundtables, or watching Night One and Night Two of Forge Debates.
In the meantime, get a good night’s sleep and get ready to open up your present of eight new SU Officers tomorrow.


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