Some days university can feel very long and tiring, and all you want at the end of the day is your bed. Well here are our top ten tips to the perfect bedtime routine. Number 10 is highly recommended and perhaps the most important in our opinion.

  1. A cluttered room is a cluttered mind, so give your room a quick tidy
  2. To actually make it to your 9am lecture, pack your bag ready for the next day and pick out the clothes you’re going to wear.
  3. Have a shower or bath (if you have that rare luxury), get your shower playlist on and have a good sing along.
  4. Get into a good evening skincare routine, put on a facemask and try to avoid going to sleep in any makeup you might be wearing.
  5. Put your fairy lights on and light a scented candle (safety first though) to create a nice atmosphere to relax in.
  6. A light bit of yoga before bed can be a good stress release and it’s always good to give your body a stretch, especially if you’ve been hunched over in the library all day.
  7. Put on your cosiest, baggiest pyjamas for ultimate bedtime comfort.
  8. To unwind and take your mind off that looming essay deadline, Netflix and chill (the PG kind) or a good book can be just the solution.
  9. Get off your phone! Going on your phone just before you’re going to bed can really affect your sleep pattern, it can make you sleep-deprived and exhausted, so stop scrolling through Sheffessions and put down your phone.  
  10. Or, if none these suggestions are your cup of tea (also recommended), how about a night out on West Street?

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