Days after the new year rang in, Foals released an enigmatic teaser which would skyrocket their name back on to everyone’s lips. The dramatic trailer showed a lady running through snowy woods and someone on fire, all in the band’s usual cinematic video style. Ambient piano music drew to a close as ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, Part 1, Part 2, 2019’ flashed in bold. Interesting, indeed.

It was pretty obvious that new Foals material was in the works when lead singer and guitarist, Yannis Philippakis posted several studio clips on his Instagram story back in May last year. Meanwhile, fans have been longing for new music ever since the end of the cycle of 2015’s colossal ‘What Went Down’. The shocking confirmation that we were getting not one, but two new albums from the band was amazing news.

Recently it seems as though the indie rock sphere is churning out sub-par music, however, the Oxford foursome have smashed the ball right out of the park with three exciting singles from the ‘Part 1’ album. All debuting on radio shows, ‘Exits’, ‘On the Luna’, and ‘Sunday’ display classic catchy riffs and fresh-sounding synths, surpassing everyone’s expectations already. Response to ‘Sunday’ was particularly phenomenal as many deemed it the ‘sleeper hit’ of the album, mirroring previous anthems like ‘Late Night’. It’s hard for a band to retain their style whilst staying relevant and exciting when reaching past four successful albums, but Foals don’t appear to be struggling with this at all.

Eager to fill fans ears with the delights of the new album, Foals announced several festival dates and a summer tour across Europe, USA and the UK. Notably, the ticket websites crashed for all UK dates, leading it to sell out completely. But that just wasn’t enough for them. In the week running up to ‘Part 1’s release, the band dropped the details of shows at tiny venues in Manchester, Edinburgh and London. Tickets sold out in literal seconds, as fans craved the raucous, sweaty atmosphere, and the thrilling possibility of Yannis jumping off a balcony into the crowd.

Being one of the last bands remaining from the indie-heavy era of the late noughties, they could easily have basked in the limelight of ‘Holy Fire’ and ‘What Went Down’, then disappeared into thin air. It’s also challenging to be the flag-bearer of indie rock in a world that appears to be obsessed with mumble rap and Drake. It doesn’t seem like the band want to give up the fight to bring decent indie rock back into the spotlight, though.

With the imminent release of ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1’, Foals have the potential to transform themselves into stallions of rock music, and even be the pioneers of rebooting their genre. They have come a long way since playing small house parties during the ‘Antidotes’ era and now are on track to sell out arenas, stadiums and maybe more. So, will ‘Part 1’ live up to the greatness of their other albums? Oh, it sure will.

Image: Stefan Brending


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