Age: 22

Course/Year: Law and Criminology, final year  

Occupation: N/A

Describe your spending habits/attitude to money in a few sentences:

I’m usually pretty careful with money and like to try to save up for bigger things like holidays, rather than spend it on the basics. I try to avoid spending money on things that are avoidable, by doing things like walking instead of getting taxis, unless I’m feeling particularly lazy. But I’ll admit this year I’ve been frequently splurging on very unnecessary things and adding to my already overflowing wardrobe.  All this I excuse with the notion of ‘treat yourself!’, as if I didn’t treat myself last week.
Income per month
Earnings (minus tax): n/a
Student loan/bursary: 500/month (Maintenance loan and bursary)
Regular spending per month
Rent: £346 (Paid by my parents)
Utilities: £5 internet, £4.20 water, £17 gas and electric.
Travel: £10 – ubers (This increases if I go home or away for the weekend)
Phone: £32
Other spending eg. gym, netflix, childcare: Last semester I bought a 2 month gym membership for £50. I’m currently debating whether I’d prefer to be lazy and richer this semester or fitter but poorer. I’ll probably end up buying another 2 months. I scrounge off my Dad’s Netflix, as do all my siblings so thankfully I don’t pay for that.

After a drunk and messy weekend celebrating the end of exams, I went to my 9am lecture hungover. I headed to Tesco afterwards to collect my lost bank card and did a healthy shop in the hope of bringing order to my week. A fridge full of actual food, rather than a bare cupboard stocked with just a bag of pasta and a half empty pesto jar, gives me the false feeling of being on top of my life. This shop cost £17, which isn’t too bad. The Tesco that I left my debit card at was far away, so getting an uber was a temptation for the way home, but I resisted and walked, aren’t I good?
I had a quiet night-in with my flatmate, so I didn’t spend anything else.
Total: £17

Me and my flatmates headed to Cheshire Oaks for a shopping trip as we all had a day off uni. I spent £24 on some Nike leggings and bought some makeup and nail varnish for £13 – all very unnecessary but again, the ‘treat yourself’ excuse justified my spending. After our spending spree, we ate at Wagamama which cost me £19.40 – I couldn’t resist getting a starter.
Total: £56.40

Today I returned some clothes from Topshop and a pair of shoes from Office; if only this was the free money it felt like when it entered my bank account. I then bought a few bits and bobs at the Co-op costing me £9. Another night-in saved any expenses this evening – being a boring final year student pays off.
Total: £9

Only had uni for an hour today so didn’t need to worry about preparing lunch, or failing that and paying for an overpriced meal deal. Ten minutes into my lecture I was lost, and my mind started to wander onto what I was having for dinner that evening. So on the way home I grabbed some veggie sausages from Sainsbury’s for £2.50.
Total: £2.50

This morning I sponsored my flat mate who is doing a half marathon for Macmillan in memory of her mum – so a very worthy £20 spent. I also bought my friend a birthday card (£2.50) and in the evening we went to see a brass band play covers of Arctic Monkeys songs at the O2 academy to celebrate. I spent around £10 on drinks, this could have been a lot more. I got a lift there but I am unsure how much I owe my friend for the uber back, so I haven’t yet paid for that.
Total: £32.50

Went for a pub lunch in the Peaks today which cost £15.40.
Total: £15.40

Very cheap and uneventful day. I’m coming down with a cold, which provides the perfect excuse to stay in and binge watch Netflix. At around 10pm me and my flatmate decided to order a Chinese, probably through boredom as much as hunger.
Total: £6.50

The Result:
Food/Drink: £35  
Entertainment and Nights Out: £44.80
Clothes/Beauty: £37
Travel: £0
Other: £22.50
Total: £139.30

Opinion at the end of the week:
Totalling up my spending for the week has put things into perspective. Realising I’ve spent almost £140 this week has made me realise how much I spend on eating out and how everything adds up. My loan came in this week so I think that is why I have not regulated my spending. However, this isn’t always the case as my spending will definitely decrease as well over the coming weeks, particularly when I start working on my essay deadlines and living in the library.
I’ve got quite a bit of savings from working in summer and so I’m not that worried about money at the minute and the fact my parents pay my rent is definitely a big factor in this. Without their help, uni would be much more of a struggle and actually quite stressful, so I’m very grateful.
I think after this week I’ll definitely rein in my spending and try to save some of my loan. However, my ASOS free next day delivery subscription is always there tempting me to buy new clothes, especially when the 20% student discount goes live.  No matter how much I try, I cannot escape the ‘treat yourself’ mentality. I mean I won’t be a student next year, so surely I should make the most of it..?


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