Eve Thomas chats to George Haverson from FEET ahead of their Sheffield gig.

Is there any reasoning behind the name of your band?

The Libertines were playing in Coventry and this was the first time that we were all together. The old guitarist was just throwing out names. He said we shouldn’t be called FEET, because it was a stupid name, so we decided to go with that, just to piss him off.

Which of your songs is your favourite?

A lot of the music that we’ve been recording for the album hasn’t come out yet, so I think there are a lot of songs on the album that we’re really proud of. The stuff that we are doing at the moment is moving away from the old indie sound and looking for more of a challenge so to speak.

Do any of your songs have particularly interesting or unusual inspirations behind them?

There is a song from the album that is going to come out at some point called ‘Ad Blue’ and that was based on our time living in a barn to record the album and Ollie, our bass player, filled up the kettle with AdBlue, thinking that it was drinkable tap water, hence the name

How was your time recording with Yala Records?

The Yala Records stuff was just the ‘Petty Thieving’ single, so that was about a year ago now, I think. We’ve got our own record label actually, called Clapped Records. So we’ll be self-releasing on that, which is exciting.

How are you feeling about your tour?

I’m really looking forward to the tour because we haven’t really played much recently, so I’m just looking forward to getting back on the road and playing some dates, see if we actually still have some fans. Hopefully, we can all have a good time in every city, you know?

What is it that makes your music different? What gets people excited about it?

I think as a band, the dynamic is a thing that we all contribute to. Everybody plays separate parts and it’s kind of all being in it together. It’s not like one ego-driven guy telling everyone what to do. I like to think that it adds to the sound. We don’t take it particularly seriously, I think we’re just having a good time and hopefully, that reflects in the music.

Where are you hoping that the future is going to take you?

Hopefully, we’ll go on to bigger and better things. Fingers crossed for Glastonbury headline at some point. I’m looking forward to the album, looking forward to festivals, looking forward to the tour, hopefully, it just never stops.

Have you hit any particular challenges or obstacles on your journey to where you are now?

There are obstacles in the way that I think you always want to put out songs of certain quality, so I guess making sure that everything we put out and everything we do going forward is the best it can possibly be.

Do you, personally, have any particular inspirations?

I listen to a lot of international stuff; there are loads of great Brazilian music and African music. There is a good quote from James Murphy; he was saying that things like Spotify are such a great platform for such a lot of music because there is so much out there but the population still listens to the same 5% of music. I think, in terms of inspiration, trying to broaden your musical horizons is a good start.

Image: FEET Facebook


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