This week on Captain’s Corner, Forge Sport interviews Dina-Leigh Simons, Isaac Vango and Ese Osi from the Gymnastics society.

How did you get into the sport?

DLS: I started gymnastics class at just 3 years old and have competed at national level. I actually founded the University of Sheffield Gymnastics Club and I’ve worked hard to improve the standard of Gymnastics in Sheffield over the last 3 years.

IV: I was an overall energetic kid who used to literally bounce around the house everywhere! My mum started to take me to toddler play classes and now I’m competing at English and British Championships.

EO: I trained at a young age but only just recently got back into gymnastics. We have a very diverse team that can offer a lot to students of any ability.

What’s the society like?

DLS: We’re very inclusive, fun and relaxed. Although we have a competition element to the club, our main aim is to increase participation in Gymnastics, even for those who have never done a handstand before. We’re also very fitness focused and work with all abilities, so there’s zero pressure on newcomers. We aim to be friendly, non-judgemental, and create a family-like spirit.  

Do you guys go on any socials as well?

EO: Yes! We host fun socials to ROAR every two weeks where we usually dress up and complete challenges and we also do sober socials such as movie and food nights!

What are the competitions like in Gymnastics? Do you guys compete in BUCS?

DLS: We compete in BUCS and other competitions around the country! We’ve competed at friendly competitions such as Birmingham Open, Midlands Open and Notts Open. We have Manchester Open coming up this month! Competitions are a great way to show off hard work and make friends from other universities too.

What about Varsity?

IV: We don’t compete in Varsity because Hallam doesn’t have a club!

What are your favourite aspects of the sport, any favourite routines or disciplines?

DLS: I love the diversity and creativity of the sport and my favourite apparatus is A-bars because it requires a massive range of skills. Gymnastics has taught me many important things, including discipline and hard work which translated well into other aspects of life.

IV: For me, I enjoy learning a new skill and successfully completing a new or difficult routine. These are the moments where hard work really pays off and pushes you towards greater things.

EO: I’ve always loved the social aspect of sport even when you don’t have to directly communicate with each other. My favourite apparatus is vault as I’m pretty strong at it.

How can people get in touch?

More information can be found on our Facebook Page which is ‘University of Sheffield Gymnastics Club’. Find details in the ‘Our Story’ section or drop us a message. Also, you can find us on the Sports Sheffield website at


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