Sheffield Varsity has come round again, and the hotly contested and avidly supported sporting competition has been a well of success for Uni of. They are already 3-1 up in this year’s edition, but can they clinch a lucky number seventh straight title?

The action commences where last years finished, under the lights of Hillsborough as both the football Men 1s and Womens 1s battle it out for a point each on March 19. It’s an apt place to kick-off proceedings as the Black and Golds will be looking to repeat the dramatic finale of 2018, in which Oli Basham stabbed home from close range to send Uni of fans into hysteria.

The fixtures kick off at the same time as last year, with the Women’s game starting at 4pm and the Mens at 7:45pm.

The following day Hallam host Uni of on Sports Park Day, another place of anxiety-inducing drama last year. In the Rugby M1s match Hallam fought bravely to score a try in the dying seconds of the game, pulling them within a conversion of taking the point.  However, Adrien Parry shanked his kick wide, allowing Uni of to steal a 26-25 victory in enemy territory.

Elsewhere, ultimate frisbee, cricket and the rest of the football and rugby fixtures will take place, with a total of 15 points available. Hallam Sports Park day is definitely a chance for either University to gain a forceful grip on Varsity.

Boxing then graces the Octagon Centre the day after to provide one of the most unique and raucous atmospheres during Varsity.

With a point available this event will be decided on the grit, determination and the fists of the competitors.

Between boxing and the last event there will be events at EIS, Ponds Forge and Abbeydale with the winning point, if anyone is within reach of it, likely to be clinched there. The curtain comes down on Varsity on the 27th March at the FlyDSA Arena, where the Ice Hockey Final will be played.

Hallam are the favourites for the clash with their impeccable record in the fixture, however Uni of will be looking to cap off Varsity with a win alongside a seventh straight title.

You can follow Varsity across Forge Radio, TV and Press, with reports and reaction on to ensure that you don’t miss a moment.


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