A woman being a top Harvard graduate, having a higher position in society or becoming a lawyer in the United States of America in the 1960s/1970s is apparently as appalling to the Supreme Court judges as the idea that the law might be outdated and needs change. Looking back to the flawed American system dominated by gender discrimination and racism, Ruth Bader Ginsburg represents a voice that sticks to a strong set of principles and attitudes towards the wrongdoings of the American society, toppling the entire law system.
On the basis of sex presents the courage of a lawyer to stand up to the oppression of all women and make fundamental changes to the ideas of where they should belong in society or in family. The protagonist, Ruth Ginsberg (Felicity Jones) believed in the concept of radical social innovation and fought to correct the injustices by taking a simple tax court case. The catch is, Charles Moritz, played by Chris Mulkey, petitions against a law that suggests sex based discrimination against men as deducted expenses from the caregiving of a disabled or aged person can only be received by a woman or a widower. Thus, the journey of proving how gender equality is a civil right takes an unexpected turn to showcase how “fair and equal treatment of women is also fair and equal treatment of men’’.
Revealing a true story, the film is extremely inspirational for every generation, as societies still experiment with the contemporary phenomenon of inequality. However, as much as the storyline provides a connection to the present in a deeply thrilling and adventurous way, it lacks continuity. The lines of the actors have a lot of substance and all spark motivation to support change, but being all thrown together in a multitude of inspirational quotes, it only serves to make the breaking point seem dim and without any surprising factors.
The actors are wonderfully picked, but the visuals and the soundtrack don’t leave much of an impact on the watcher as the plot unravels. In fact, the director Meriam Leder seems to focus more on the acting than on what appears in the background.
4 stars
Image credit: Movie DB


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