The announcement of the International Student Officer for 2019/20 was delayed last month due to one candidate being disqualified for breaching an election rule regarding observing voters while they cast their votes.

Forge Press can reveal that a candidate was disqualified from the election race due to a breach of rule 4.5.1 in the Students’ Union Election rules.

Rule 4.5.1 states that candidates and campaigners may not “seek to influence or deliberately observe a member who is engaged in the act of voting nor provide voters with a voting platform (e.g. a smart-phone, tablet etc.)”.

They were reported by other candidates for breaking the rule. They were granted an appeal, however it was rejected and she was disqualified from the race.

They told Forge Press they are “far from upset” with the situation, saying “I just say things as they are”.

Now, more than two weeks since SU Elections Results Night, the winner of the International Student Officer (ISO) election will be announced tonight at 5pm.

The remaining eligible candidates are: Ruiwei Chen, Rana Gharaybeh, Mengya (Sissi) Li, Chengyin Liu and Laura Prieto.

There will be a ceremony at Coffee Revolution, open to all students, during which the current ISO will speak and next year’s Officer will be announced, completing the 2019/20 Officer team.

A statement from the Returning Officers yesterday read: “Following a thorough investigation into the conduct of the International Students’ Officer election, Chino Olumba was found to have been in breach of an election rule and has been removed as a candidate.

“The Returning Officers would like to extend their appreciation for the patience demonstrated by those affected by the delayed announcement of this result.”


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