The new International Students’ Officer has been announced as Mengya (Sissi) Li, completing the 2019/20 SU Officer team.
The result was announced this evening after a delay of over two weeks, due to the Returning Officers not being able to confirm the result because of a breach of rules by one candidate.
Sissi has been announced as the new Officer to represent international students, winning with 1,611 third-stage votes ahead of Laura Prieto in second.
The result was announced in a ceremony at Coffee Revolution this evening, Friday 15 March.
Sissi said in her speech: “I just want to say thank you to all of my supporters and my amazing campaigners and all of my friends.
“It’s really a challenge for me as a foreigner to do the campaign… so I choose this position so I know I won’t be dumb.
“If you were not a candidate for this position you won’t know how much effort was put in to it.
“I promise I will make all my aims and all my ambitions come true.”
Afterwards she told Forge Press she was looking forward to finally having a break, and seeing her family about the victory.
“The other candidates did so well, and we’re all friends now. We’re not competitors anymore. There’s another Chinese girl in the campaign, and I just want to say thank you to her. We are the pride of China,” she said.

“I don’t know if I’m the first Chinese student to get this position, but I want to make sure all the international students benefit.”
The announcement was deferred from the results ceremony in Foundry on Thursday 28 February.
This was due to a breach in an election rule by candidate Chino Olumba, the returning officers announced in a statement yesterday.
She told Forge Press that she was disqualified for a breach of rule 4.5.1, which was revealed by the paper in an exclusive earlier today.
The result means that next year’s Officer team finally has a full complement, and will start their new roles in June.


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