Football would be nothing without dreams, and that’s what Manchester City have got right now. A dream. 15 games to become legends, to cement their status as potentially the greatest club side of all time. Last season’s 100 points was good, but winning the quadruple would top that a million times over and then some.

Forget the “corruption” allegations, ignore the “Emptihad” shouts, try to suppress that letting Jadon Sancho go was one of our biggest mistakes of the last decade. You can’t begrudge the fans getting misty-eyed, looking out of the window at work, dreaming about watching Vincent Kompany lift the Champions League in Madrid in May.

That is all City fans, who went through it all in the 80s and 90s – who were stood there at 2-0 down against Gillingham – have ever wanted. In the playgrounds of Manchester, as United won trophy after trophy, gong after gong, as their fans ridiculed ours. This is our time now.

In late December it was all looking a bit bleak. After successive losses against Crystal Palace and Leicester City, in which we’d took the lead in both, it looked all over for the league challenge, and the Champions League was too far away to bear thinking about.

But since then, City have shown a new grit and determination, scoring more than 60 goals in three months, beating Liverpool, Chelsea (twice), Arsenal, capping it all with a 7-0 win in the Champions League. 7-0. In the Champions League. Look at that and tell me we can’t dream.

If we do win it all, it’s not like last year where we were all-conquering, swashbuckling superstars. Liverpool have been very good, and probably should have taken advantage of our run of poor form. If they’d won at the Etihad, it would have been game over. Still, on the other hand, you could argue coming from seven points behind to being back in the ascendency with a great chance of winning it all is the stuff of champions.

For all my glossy words, and the blue-tinted spectacles, let’s not kid ourselves here. This 15 games is going to be brutal, but what gives me goosebumps is the thought that just maybe, in the last minute, Raheem Sterling will run through, and slot past the keeper to win us the Champions League.

That will cap it all. 93:20, Edin making it six at Old Trafford, Yaya scoring against Stoke at Wembley. They were all brilliant, brilliant moments, but a quadruple? Dare to dream, and it just might happen.


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