Status is a thought-provoking journey into national identity and what it means to be a citizen of a country. The story was built around a quote by Theresa May, uttered shortly after she was elected as Prime Minister of the UK: “If you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere.” This idea is explored through a series of anecdotes taking place in the main characters life, where he questions what does it mean to be British (or more specifically a white British man), what does it mean to be a citizen of somewhere or a citizen of nowhere?

Status journeys through these questions beautifully, taking the audience to different parts of the world to meet different people and explore different perspectives on what it means to be “a citizen”. It doesn’t push any political message or lesson on the audience but offers a perspective through which to consider these questions of national identity.

Solo actor Chris Thorpe maintains high level of energy for the entire 75 minutes of the show and throughout the duration proving himself to be a skilful storyteller. All the separate elements of the show merge seamlessly together. The story is illustrated beautifully with an atmospheric video, projected on a screen upstage throughout the entire performance. This has a lovely aesthetic and compliments the whole show nicely. The live music played by Thorpe links into this overall vibe, transforming the audience into spectators in a bar as a conflicted man wrestles with the questions plaguing him.

It is an enjoyable show, and one that is sure to spark conversations during your car ride home.

3 stars.
Featured Image Credit: The Other Richard


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