Tomorrow, Thursday 2 May, residents across Sheffield will be going to the polls to vote for our local councillors. If you’re registered to vote, polling stations are open between 7am and 10pm. Here are three reasons why you should vote tomorrow:
1. Your local council are responsible for providing local services and facilities, and will impact everyone in the community in some way. They make decisions on everything from recycling to street lights to housing (a full list of areas they decide on can be found here) – local governments matter.
2. There are over 28,000 students in Sheffield, and it’s important that we have a clear say about issues that matter to us in our city. We’ve seen in the most recent general election that the student vote can make a difference – the student voice matters
3. Voting is a right that has been fought for by generations before us, and is one of the clearest ways you can have a say on decisions that are made at all levels of government. In a time of constantly changing political landscapes – voting matters.
So take some time away from the library and lectures tomorrow to have your say. You can find your local polling station here and register to vote in the EU elections by the 7th of May here.


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