KRS-One hails from the Bronx during the time when hip-hop was just getting off the ground. He was there when the genre started.
He was a part of one of the most influential rap groups during the 80s, Boogie Down Productions and is sure to bring their catalogue to Sheffield.
His political and socially conscious raps earned him the nickname “the Teacha” and along with his complex wordplay, has built a reputation as one of the most respected voices in hip-hop.
With his DJ, the late Scott Le Rock he produced some of this golden era of hip hop’s most legendary tracks (‘My Philosophy’, ‘South Bronx’, ‘I’m Still #1’) and following Scott’s tragic death, KRS-One created the Stop The Violence Movement, which led to the release of the single ‘Self Destruction’.
After five albums with BDP, his entrance as a solo artist was explosive and 1993’s Return of the Boom Bap introduced KRS-One to the world with legendary tracks including ‘Sound of da Police’ and ‘“P” Is Still Free’.
KRS-One has been celebrated as the “conscience of hip hop” (Rolling Stone), “the greatest live emcee ever” (The Source), the “spokesperson for hip hop” (Wall Street Journal), and with 20 published albums to his credit and numerous appearances with other artists, KRS-One is believed to have written the most rhymes in hip hop’s history.
KRS-One plays O2 Academy Sheffield on Friday 24th May. Tickets available from


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