The SU President has announced the name of his new music festival just a few weeks into his term, Forge Press can exclusively reveal.

Jake Verity pledged to create an SU music festival during his campaign for election earlier this year, and has announced it will be called ‘Underpass’.

The festival is expected to be held in early May, and will be a celebration of a variety of different music, with an emphasis on student bands.

“I’m really happy that my Music Festival is beginning to take some shape, and now I’ve got a name behind it, I think everyone can start to get excited about it,” Jake said.

“I’ve been working incredibly hard with the Entertainments, Events and Venues teams since I took office to get the initial groundwork behind this festival moving, and I can’t wait to see it come to life over the rest of my term in office.

“Everybody has been really supportive of the music festival as a manifesto policy, and I think it’s something that both staff and students can really look forward to as something that will hopefully leave a lasting legacy for years to come.”

The SU music festival was one of Verity’s flagship policies, along with fighting to reduce the cost of transport in the city and introducing an SU app.

More specifics, including dates, prices and acts for Underpass, are set to be announced in due course.


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