Here at Forge Press we’ve decided to create a new feature series, showcasing the portfolios of student photographers here at the University of Sheffield. Welcome to the first Student Photographer Showcase where we are featuring the top 10 photos from second-year Dental Student from Scotland, Megan McLeod.

Megan first got into photography whilst trying to use her father’s old camera on a family holiday to Hawaii in 2014, so that she could show everyone back home how beautiful Hawaii was. Being able to show people parts of the world that they may never get to see through her holiday photos is one of the things Megan loves about photography, as well as the thought that someone can see the world through her eyes. Sunset landscapes, wildlife, and astrophotography stand amongst Megan’s favourite types of photography and she hopes that she’ll be able to shoot more soon.

St Anne’s Pier, Lytham at sunset – one of the first photographs Megan took on her father’s camera.
Rainbow breasted roller seen while on safari in Tanzania.
Shönbrunn Palace in Vienna at sunset.
Reflections from a camping trip in Callander, Scotland.
Camps Bay, Cape Town in South Africa.
Lioness on Safari in South Africa.
Reflections of Loch Tulla, Glencoe, Scotland.
Mam Tor in the Peak District at sunrise.
Photo of a Puffin taken in Shetland, Scotland.
Fireworks at the end of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Thank you to Megan for sharing her photographs with Forge Press. If you wish to see more of Megan’s portfolio and support her, you can follow her on Instagram here or visit her website here, where she may be selling prints of her photos in the near future.


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