Ready or Not has one of the most impeccable cinematographic aesthetics to showcase one of the bloodiest movies, in what is an oddly attractive manner. The ceaseless suspense and skilful acting contribute to the realistic portrayal of a thriller. While humorous and intense, this is the perfect combination of surprise, disgust, laughter and genuine pleasure.
A pact with the devil is the trigger for the entire storyline, as newly-wed bride Grace (Samara Weaving) enters the realm of a rich and distorted ‘gaming dynasty’. On the first night with her in-laws, she is forced to play a card game, a determining factor for all people involved. Unfortunately, Grace draws the ‘Hide and Seek’ card which results in a murder game between her and the rest of the family.
The story unfolds in a world where bold characters have an advantage in matters of life and death. It’s most enjoyable to see how strong the main character is, in combating the evil forces which surround her. Her progression as a person is enunciated by her weak husband, Alex le Dumas (Mark O’Brien).
What is innovative about this movie, is the fact that every reaction is as human as possible. For example, in times of extreme tension when Grace is trying to hide, aspects such as heavy breathing when shocked or swearing when extremely angry, are frustrated are natural; the standard of acting and the elaborate attention to detail is very high.
From beginning to end, the entire set looks stunning with contrasts of white (the wedding dress) and black (the halls of the mansion), showcasing the innocence and naivety of the main character – with further contrast achieved through illustrating how quick comedic scenes become bloody and terrifying, completely catching by surprise. Furthermore, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillet pay lots of attention to the smallest details, in creating lots of stunning shots in the mansion and forest.
Enticing in its entirety with long beautiful shots, Ready or Not captivates audiences with its realism and shocking nature.
5 stars
Image Credit: MovieDB


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