Bus company Stagecoach have reintroduced £1 bus fares, following First Buses’ move to reduce the price of a student single after negotiations led by SU President Jake Verity.
Verity, who promised the return of £1 bus fares in his manifesto, negotiated the initial deal with First Buses just before Freshers’ Week commenced. 
Now Stagecoach, the other bus major operator in Sheffield, have followed suit and lowered their prices 20p per single ticket.
Stagecoach had initially lowered their prices from £1.30 to £1.20 per single in late September, but have now returned to £1 for a single student ticket as of Thursday 10 October.
“I’m really pleased to see that students are getting brilliant transport deals in Sheffield,” Verity said.
“Agreeing the return of the £1 bus fare last month was a landmark moment for Sheffield Students, and I think going into the future, it’s a really exciting time for students to be able to get around the city with cheap tickets.”
Stagecoach operate a number of student-heavy bus routes in the city, including sharing the running of the 120 with First.


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