Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has delivered a speech outside the Students’ Union to a packed out concourse. Crowds had gathered for over an hour in pouring rain before Corbyn eventually arrived.
He delivered his speech ahead of the BBC’s Question Time leaders’ special which will take place from 7pm in the Octagon tonight. The other leaders taking part are Boris Johnson on behalf of the Conservatives, Jo Swinson from the Liberal Democrats and Nicola Sturgeon from the SNP.
Speaking without a microphone, Corbyn delivered an off the cuff speech to the crowd while holding up the Labour manifesto. He said: “we have got three weeks to convince people that this manifesto can bring real change.”

The packed out crowd waited over an hour for the Labour leader to arrive

In his speech, Corbyn talked about ending poverty and homelessness, investing in schools and hospitals and “securing free trade with Europe either in or out of the European Union.” 
He ended by addressing the Prime Minister, telling Boris Johnson that the “NHS is not for sale”. A chant of “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” broke out as the Labour leader walked away into the Octagon.
The debate will take place from 7pm and will be broadcast live on BBC1. It will follow a question and answer format where a studio audience will put questions to each leader for half an hour.


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