The Students’ Union has now got phone charging lockers, enabling students to top up their charge on campus.
The lockers, which are located on the Welcome Desk by the main entrance, were brought in by Development Officer Harry Carling. They were one of his officer aims which he set out at the start of the year.
The eight lockers are free to use and students will only have to present their U-card to staff on the Welcome Desk in order to get a key for them. They will be available only during Welcome Desk hours.
All phone compatible chargers are already in the lockers meaning you no longer have to worry about whether you’ve brought your cable with you.
“I’m incredibly excited to bring this officer goal to life, and belief this innovation will help our members a lot!” Harry said.
“Now, students can charge their devices in our building whether they have brought their charger to campus or not. I’m aware this has been an issue for students for a while and now they are able to safely charge their phones during Welcome Desk hours. 
“As the Students’ Union’s Development Officer, one of my main goals and ambitions is to ensure the development of the SU is improving the everyday lives of our members, and I really think that this innovation has the opportunity to do just that!”


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