You’re a frog. You’re a detective. And you don’t wear hats.
Get ready for a short but sweet sleuthing adventure in the town of Warlock Woods, where Frog Detective must uncover the mystery surrounding a destroyed welcome party for the town’s newest resident, an invisible wizard. It’s a fun, lighthearted story positively full of charm.
As the detective, you must investigate the town, talking to the residents for clues, and completing side quests for them along the way to make them happy. All the information you gather from speaking to people and doing quests goes inside your notebook, which you decorate yourself at the start of the game; a simple idea, but one that I absolutely loved.
The most notable thing about Frog Detective 2 is its incredibly charming and amusing writing. It’s similar to the likes of Undertale in its tone; with its weird and wonderful characters all being very blunt and straightforward in their requests (Mary, the rhino who openly asks to extort you being a perfect example). Although short, it’s packed with smiles.
Visually, Frog Detective 2 is a treat; its cute, chunky 3D art style is very appealing to look at. The adorable visuals also make the candid characters’ quips even funnier; there’s nothing better than a smiley cartoon animal telling you that they’re “above the law.” 
While it may look like a kid’s game, many of the jokes are likely to go over a child’s head, so while it’s not age-inappropriate, a more mature person is probably going to have a more enjoyable experience.
The accompanying soundtrack is also really nice, surpassing all my expectations of the music behind a fun little frog game. There’s clearly a lot of love and passion behind the whole experience, the music included, and it really shines through.
While the game is incredibly short, taking only around an hour to complete, it’s a really nice experience. There’s very little replay value on offer; besides a handful of Steam achievements, there isn’t much reason to revisit the game after its completion. But, as long as you take it how it’s meant to be – a short, fun story, and not an in depth, lengthy crime solving game, you’ll have a great time. Even so, it’s fair to say that the value for money isn’t fantastic, unless you love the niche sense of humour the game has, which it executes brilliantly.
If you’re looking for a cosy night in, with something fun to play in one sitting, be it with a friend or alone, look no further. Frog Detective 2 is a sweet, funny adventure that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on. 
4/5 stars.


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