A University of Sheffield boxer collected a gold medal at the BUCS Championships while also having been crowned GB Champion earlier in December.

Jade Pearce was too much to handle for her opponent in the deciding game, forcing eight counts and a second round technical knockout. 

“It feels really good to win the gold in BUCS,” she said.

“I trained all over the Christmas period, I don’t have breaks per say, so I felt prepared. 

“I’d been getting some really top sparing beforehand. I’m always nervous before I box, but a good level of nerves that then turn to energy when I get in the ring.”

Three years ago, Jade lost out in the BUCS novice final with a contentious decision while she also missed out last year as there was no one in her weight class. 

Despite there still not being anyone in her weight class this year, Jade chose to compete in the class above.

However, this time around she ended the day with a well-deserved gold medal along with her recently becoming a GB Champion at the GB Championships over the winter.

Comparing how it is to box in BUCS and the GB Championships, Jade believes the latter is the right way to go in taking her next steps. 

“The two events are very different. The GB championships is possibly the best thing a boxer could win in the UK. 

“BUCS is still an amazing event and opportunity but in terms of providing future opportunities in boxing it is a lot more beneficial to win the GB competition.”

Looking ahead, Jade is set on representing her country at bigger international events.

“I will definitely continue with boxing and competing after university. 

“The first step in aiming for the Olympics is to be given the opportunity to be part of the GB team and if that happens I will continue to work on short term goals from there on to build up to the final goal.”


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