With the recent release of their single ‘Just Like Hell’, four piece alternative/ rock group Allusinlove, performed a seismic set at Sheffield’s Café Totem.

After having a great year in 2019, returning from their hiatus, the Yorkshire quartet have had significant support slots with Muse, Sundara Karma and The Amazons to name a few. 

Navigating through an intense year, the band have also had recent major radio play with the BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show; proving a great start to their single release tour for ‘Just Like Hell’ which went down a storm with fans. The intimacy of Totem’s basement was the perfect setting for this track as it lurked through the crowd, allowing plenty of opportunity for moshing. The grunge-tinged riff meshed well with lead singer Jason Moules’ aggressive vocals. Despite the track being just under three minutes, it didn’t demand much of anyone’s time in the set, but its live performance aggressively asked for the fans’ attention.

Playing songs from last year’s successful album release It’s Okay To Talk, the band displayed their maturity as the title track felt more soulful and controlled. This track allows gig-goers to connect with the band’s personality. It seems their authenticity was breaking through in this song which is always welcomed when you’re first getting to know a band.

The band’s on-stage charisma seems to stem from their extensive experience playing to crowds under their former name Allusondrugs. Whilst their metal roots are rife when playing live, some of the studio versions of their tracks appear more stimulating and with more potential as the driving beats cloud some of their vocals at times. However, when this happened, their excellent stage presence shone through.

Two stand out songs include ‘Lover I Need a Friend’ and ‘All Good People’. The latter can be envisaged blaring outdoors at a festival with an animated crowd reflecting the one on the night, just multiplied. This is a band who take themselves seriously, but don’t always need to have lyrically serious songs. They can achieve both successfully. The crowd certainly seems convinced of it, and their tracks are  undoubtedly well-written and catchy.

Allusinlove are certainly a band worth experiencing live. A set of enrapturing, pop punk injected lyrics act as a great escapism for fans. The band are both serious and lighthearted which prove the perfect blend.

The band are set to announce more shows and festival slots for 2020 and are definitely worth seeing as their popularity continues to grow.

Image: Allusinlove – It’s okay to talk Credit: Good Soldier Records


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