By Niall O’Callaghan | @nocalla_
Day 3 has once again been eventful with more society and sports endorsements, a joint pledge between two of the candidates and one candidate playing the saxophone outside the entrance to the SU. As well as this the second round of Forge Debates will take place tonight, featuring candidates for Womens’, International Students’, Sports and Activities’ Officer positions.
Sports Officer candidate Matthew Graves and Activities’ Officer candidate Joel Kirk have announced a joint election pledge after banners and posters have been both ripped down or moved overnight. They say that “there is a threat that this Students’ Union campaign will become negative.”  
In their statement they promised to “not remove any candidates posters, banners or leaflets throughout the period of the campaign”, “engaging in a positive campaign” where they will highlight “the benefits of our own policies, whilst engaging in a constructive debate with the other candidates.” Finally they pledged “not to personalise the debate” and “avoid personal insults.”
Things may have also got a little more straightforward for Kirk this morning after rival Liam Holister dropped out of the race, leaving a straight fight between Kirk and Simon Alford for the position. Alford wants to overhaul the University’s room booking system, making it easier for societies to book spaces. However, Kirk has been receiving more endorsements as the day has progressed. This time he has been endorsed by the University of Sheffield Singers’ Society, Politics Society and Journalism Society.
The Sports candidates have also been receiving endorsements today. Jordan Frith has received endorsement from the University of Sheffield Arab Society while Matt Graves has added to his impressive tally with an endorsement from the University of Sheffield Gymnastics Club. This takes his total number of endorsements up to 14.
Little has been happening on the presidential front after the candidates took each other to task in the Forge Debates last night. Despite this Fleur Delugar has been back out on the campaign trail, playing saxophone outside the front of the SU. Her banner read “Stop the noise? Ask me about my policies.” Inventive. 
The presidential debate was certainly the most heated of the four debates that took place last night, with Beth Eyre’s leaflet-less campaign being the focus of much of the heat. Josh Glicklich made clear that his manifesto will not cost anything, but he would like to tackle internal hypocrisy while Dom Fairbrass outlined his Officer Question Time idea passionately.
This week will be campaigning only with the vote opening next Monday 9 March and closing Wednesday 11 March. The results will be announced at a ceremony in Foundry on Thursday 12 March and Forge Press will be working through the night to bring you the latest coverage in Issue 143 on Friday 13 March.
The second Forge Debates evening will be held tomorrow, Wednesday 4 March, from 6:30pm. Debating will be candidates for International Students’, Womens’, Activities and Sport.
Daily roundups will be a daily occurrence throughout the election periods so if you have heard any stories from the elections, have something to say or have given or received an endorsement, please get in contact with us at:
You can keep up to date with all the latest news at


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