By Niall O’Callaghan | @nocalla_
As the campaigning week draws to a close and election week draws in, all the candidates were out on the concourse throughout the day trying to secure your votes.
The main movement today was between Presidential candidates as they tried to hammer home their key messages. Dominic Fairbrass, along with International Students’ candidate Iuri Montenegro and Welfare candidate Chris Burrey protested outside a letting agency in Broomhill after one of the agency’s houses was blamed for hospitalising a student. With housing a big part of Fairbrass’s manifesto, he told Forge Press: “I think it’s about time that we start to take a more active approach to tackling the atrocious state of housing experienced by our students, only by taking action and publicly calling out those who extort students will we be able to address these issues for students.”
Josh Glicklich has hardened his sustainability stance, accusing the University of “lying about their climate stance.” He said that the University is now building a “mini power station behind the Dainton Building” despite insisting they would divest from fossil fuels.
Beth Eyre has also made a statement surrounding her potential leadership style if elected. “If elected President, I will create an atmosphere for all 8 officers to empower each other and thrive together. I’ve proven this already with my commitment to lead and support my fellow committee members, co-workers and councillors across the years, as well as my competitors in this election,” she said, thought to be in reference to Dominic Fairbrass referring to Jake Verity’s Officer team as “subordinates.” The other candidate in the race, Fleur Delugar, wants to put on a different Disney film with free snacks in the SU during exam season.
Today has also been a big day for the Welfare Officer candidates. Megan Dora Roberts has received her first endorsement from the University of Sheffield Light Entertainment Society while Holly Ellis has received the endorsements of fellow candidates. Presidential candidate Beth Eyre along with Education candidate Sam Calderbank and International Students’ candidate Lu Shan have all backed the Psychology student.
Fellow Welfare candidate Chris Burrey has today been endorsed by the Politics Society. He also announced in a Facebook post that, if elected, he would “stand with casual workers right to demand a living wage, sick pay and the option for contracted hours” after Unite the Union today called for improvements to casual staff’s sick pay. The other candidate in the race, Elmo Huang, wants to “build a sleep laboratory” in the SU and at each library for students to nap in.
Endorsements have also been coming in for International Students’ candidates too. Saya Uotani has taken the endorsement of the Japan Society and HKPass, while Iuri Montenegro has received an endorsement from the Music Society. Fellow International Students’ candidates Lu Shan and Jack Gong have been on the campaign trail, door knocking with Holly Ellis. Other candidates in the race include Hania Mousa, Jing Li and Helen Zhang.
Solo candidate for Women’s Officer, Lily Grimshaw has given more detail on her policy goal: “Celebrating Female Success”. If elected, she would like “to create a bi-annual exhibition and journal which showcases selected pieces of work done by women from across the University. The exhibition would take place in the Octagon, and the journal would be published online.”
This week has been campaigning only with the vote opening on Monday 9 March and closing Wednesday 11 March. The results will be announced at a ceremony in Foundry on Thursday 12 March and Forge Press will be working through the night to bring you the latest coverage in Issue 143 on Friday 13 March.
Daily roundups will be a daily occurrence throughout the election periods so if you have heard any stories from the elections, have something to say or have given or received an endorsement, please get in contact with us at:
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