by Ben Warner and Niall O’CallaghanForge Press Elections Team
We’re nearly at the end of this year’s SU Officer Elections, but the competition is still hotting up in the race to decide next year’s Students’ Union Officer team. We passed 6,000 votes today, which means there’s now 60p off the 20 most popular food and drink items in Bar One until results are announced on Thursday 12 March.
Today has been a mix of the controversial and the merry. In the Sports Officer race, Matt Graves had to release a statement, apologising for misrepresenting one of the policies of his rival, Jordan Frith.
He said: “I have a clarification to make with regards to the online statement that I published about Jordan Frith’s inclusivity policy. It is necessary to note that I misinterpreted Jordan during the Forge debate, and that he, in fact, does not intend to scrap current inclusivity campaigns.
“While I believe he does still underestimate the work these events do on campus, and that they are definitely not box-ticking exercises, I would like to apologise for making the false statement that he would scrap them.”
Meanwhile, things were slightly lighter in the race for Women’s and Welfare Officers, as two of the candidates have taken the opportunity to dye their hair pink. Lily Grimshaw (Women’s) and Chris Burrey (Welfare) were spotted on the concourse today sporting new pink do’s, campaigning for the roles.
Lily is the only candidate for Women’s Officer, while Chris is running against Elmo Huang, Holly Ellis and Megan Dora Roberts for Welfare.
Lily also received a boost today, after she was endorsed by the University of Sheffield Ladies Rugby Football Club.
In the Development Officer race, Jordan Weir clearly noticed his competition, after rival Tara Kimberlee had a dog on the SU concourse last week. Today, Jordan had a pup of his own, Dexter, who was excitedly approaching students in the entrance to the SU building – there can’t be many cuter ways to win votes.

Jordan Weir with Dexter The Dog. (Image: Ben Warner)

The other Development Officer candidates are Ciara O’Sullivan and Sophie McGinley.
It’s been a slightly quiet day of campaigning around the Students’ Union today, so at Forge Press we’ve invested some time in creating a guide to each of the SU Officer roles, which you can check out here, as well as to the other elections which are going on this week on campus – which you can take a look at here.
Finally, it’s fair to say that music always lightens up the SU Officer Elections. Last year was ‘Thank U, Jake’, before that we had ‘Go With the Flo’ – now ISO candidate Iuri Montenegro has released his own acoustic song.
Have a look at it here:

There are seven candidates for ISO this year, and you can check them all out on our website.
Tomorrow marks the last day of voting, and sadly the final daily round-up, so make sure you’ve had your say before we find out who the new Officer team are on Thursday.


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