by Ben Warner | @ben_mcr
We’re currently on the second day of the 2020 Sheffield Students’ Union Officer Elections, and have just over 24 hours until the voting window slams shut – we’ve seen over 6,000 votes so far in the eight positions, but one question remains: what do the Officers actually do?
The sabbatical Officers are the elected student representatives in the Students’ Union, making decisions and actioning policies on your behalf. The eight roles are: SU President, Development Officer, Education Officer, Women’s Officer, Activities Officer, Sports Officer, International Students’ Officer and Welfare Officer.
SU President
The SU President is the figurehead of the Students’ Union, and leads the eight-strong team as well as working on their own projects. This year’s President is Jake Verity, who has cut bus fares as well as introducing his own SU music festival.
The candidates for President are: Beth Eyre, Dom Fairbrass, Fleur Delugar and Josh Glicklich.
Development Officer
The SU Development Officer takes the lead on sustainability for the Students’ Union, as well as holding responsibility for the development of the SU building and the outlets contained within it. The current officer is Harry Carling, who has led students on three city-wide climate strikes.
The candidates for Development Officer are: Ciara O’Sullivan, Jordan Weir, Sophie McGinley and Tara Kimberlee
Education Officer
The Education Officer represents students’ academic interests in the university and wider community, and is the dedicated representatives for postgraduate students. This year’s Education Officer is Charlie Porter, who has spearheaded the student-staff solidarity campaign.
The candidates for Education Officer are: Ellie Lynas, Micha Farrell and Sam Calderbank
Women’s Officer
The Women’s Officer is the dedicated representative of all liberation groups on campus, and is always held by a self-identifying woman but also represents groups such as BME, LGBT+ and mature students. This year’s Officer is Rosa Tully, who has been pushing the University to decolonise the curriculum and more.
The candidates for Women’s Officer are: Lily Grimshaw
Activities Officer
The Activities Officer supports societies and committees, as well as helping to increase engagement from students with these groups throughout the year. This year’s Activities Officer is Martha Daisy Evans, who has run a successful Activities Fair as well as committing the University to a disability access policy.
The candidates for Activities Officer are: Joel Kirk and Simon Alford
Sports Officer
The Sports Officer represents club and social sport within the University, campaigning and organising on their behalf, as well as helping to organise the annual Sheffield Varsity. The current Sports Officer is Britt Bowles, who has organised a number of liberation campaigns, as well as pushed the University for more investment in sports facilities.
The candidates for Sports Officer are: Jordan Frith and Matt Graves
International Students’ Officer
Sheffield Students’ Union is one of just a few in the country with a dedicated International Students’ Officer, who represents the international student community’s interests. This year’s ISO is Sissi Li, who has led the first ever international Christmas ball in the SU, as well as the #WeAreNotAVirus campaign and much more.
The candidates for International Students’ Officer are: Hania Mousa, Helen (Chi) Zhang, Iuri Montenegro, Jack Gong, Jing Li, Lu Shan and Saya Uotani.
Welfare Officer
The Welfare Officer represents student interests in a number of areas, including mental health, finances and housing in Sheffield. This year’s Officer is Beren Maddison, who ran ‘Our Mental Health Week’, as well as working with the University to introduce the ‘Report + Support’ system.
The candidates for Welfare Officer are: Chris Burrey, Elmo Huang, Holly Ellis and Megan Dora Roberts.
Voting in the Elections closes at 5.00pm on Wednesday 11 March, with the winners being announced on Thursday 12 March in Foundry. You can watch the results live on Forge TV.


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