by Ben Warner | @ben_mcr
By now, you know all about the election for the eight Students’ Union Officers, and if you don’t, then read all about it here.
But as always, there are a couple of other elections running alongside that in the SU, which you might not know as much about. Every year, we also elect two student trustees – who sit on the SU Trustee Board, as well as vote in a referendum on our affiliation with the National Union of Students.
However this year offers something a little different: we’re also voting on who should be the SU’s Honorary President – a symbolic figurehead of the Students’ Union.
What is the Trustee Board?
The Trustee Board oversees the financial, strategic and long-term sustainability of the Students’ Union, and is mostly made up of the eight elected Officers. However, there are a number of other positions on it, including two elected student representatives, which any registered University of Sheffield student can run for.
There are two candidates for the two positions, Mark Azad and Janice Azu.
What is the referendum?
Every year, students at the University of Sheffield are asked whether they believe we should remain affiliated to the National Union of Students. Usually, students vote in favour of the proposal – with over 72 per cent of them doing so last year, but we’ll see what happens this time around.
Who could be our Honorary President?
The Honorary President election doesn’t happen every year, but gives students the chance to congratulate someone for their contribution to society. Nominations were taken for the position, and the three candidates are Greta Thunberg, Stormzy and Vanessa Nakate.
Voting in these categories, as well as the eight elected Officer roles, is open until 5.00pm on Wednesday 11 March, and you can vote on


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