Women’s Basketball 1s dominated away against York St. John 1s, finishing the game 78-40, with Varsity being right around the corner.
Shinade Walters, captain of the team, thought the team were in control of the game and is proud of the effort her team has put in all season.
She said: “The game went really well for us and we ended with a convincing win. 
“We were evenly matched for the first quarter but once we locked down their best player we pulled away and had an impressive second quarter where we kept their scoring down to three while countered with 19.
“This year I have had an absolutely amazing team to captain, I feel very lucky to be surrounded by such hard working, ambitious and supportive teammates. 
“During the game and throughout our season as a whole the stand out characteristic of our team has been support. 
“No matter the situation, we have been cheering each other on or pulling each other up during difficult situations.
Shinade, who is also a final year economics student, is also looking forward to Varsity, with basketball playing at the English Institute of Sport on Monday 30 March.
“Varsity is very important for our club and for our first team. 
“At the beginning of this game we set out specific aspects of our game we wanted to work on such as rebounding and running certain plays on offence that we plan on using during our Varsity games. 
“We also have a friendly game against Manchester 1s who are in the league above us, the same league as Hallam 1s, because we are trying to prepare for the level of basketball that we are going to be up against in Varsity and really push ourselves.”
The season has been going well for the team, with a top of the league finish as well as promotion in sight. 
“We have one final game at home Wednesday 18 March and provided we win that game then we will finish top of our league. 
“This is a huge achievement for our 1s and will be a well deserved promotion for our club.”


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