The Students’ Union will revert to vacation hours, and the majority of services will shut, in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
The announcement was made on SU President Jake Verity’s Facebook page this morning (Tuesday), and said it recognised that for many, the SU is “more than just a building.”
Many of the student-facing services in the Students’ Union, including the Student Advice Centre, will now move to online-only, in order to continue to support students through the global pandemic. The Welcome Desk and Our Shop will remain open, as well as the Nursery on Wednesdays, but everything else will remain closed.
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During vacation time, the SU operates hours of 8.30am to 6.00pm, which is what it will operate on now.
Jake added: “The Officer Team met yesterday, and we all agreed that during this uncertain period, our Students’ Union can be a place of hope. We are currently putting plans in place so that we can work with yourselves and other key members of our student community to help everybody through the next few weeks.
“We will be in touch very soon as to how you can be involved in this work, if you are interested.
“I know this is a difficult time, but I just wanted to reassure you that your Students’ Union is doing everything we possibly can to be there for you and the rest of our members. This time will pass, and we will be stronger for it.
“For now we must do what our Students’ Union has been doing for years, be there for each other and ensure we pull through this together.”
The Students’ Union’s advice during the global pandemic can be found here, whilst the University of Sheffield’s constantly updating guidance can be found here.
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