Students in Sheffield are rallying together to support each other during the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic.
Many students have joined Mutual Aid groups around the city, while the Students’ Union Officers have set up a group for students to stay in contact whilst away from Sheffield during the pandemic, or while social distancing within the city.
Less than 24 hours after the Facebook group was set up on Friday 20 March, it has nearly 1,500 members, students coming together to support each other online. Members of a large numbers of societies, and working and representative committees, have used the group to advertise what they’re doing during this time of crisis, as well as offering support to others.
“We’re currently in unprecedented times, and it’s so important our community stays strong and looks out for one another,” said Jake Verity, Sheffield SU President.
“Our students always rise to the challenge when times our difficult, and it’s clear these forthcoming weeks are going to be difficult and challenging.
“If everyone can focus on keeping a smile on each others faces, it’ll be much more manageable, and it’ll really help everyone to find strength in one another.”
The group’s description invites members to share good news, or events/campaigns they’re running around the COVID-19 pandemic. Jake expressed pride at how quickly the group has grown since launching on Friday.
He added: “I’m always immeasurably proud of our students, whatever they do. We never impose ideas on our students or micro-manage their ideas, they just thrive by themselves and come up with incredible things time and time again.
“To see over 1,400 students come together in less than 24 hours and start supporting each other is just incredible and it makes me one of the happiest people on the planet. We’ve got students offering each other the chance to get involved in their own online dance classes, online varsity and online housing classes.
“It’s just amazing, and I can’t stop smiling about it.”
You can join the ‘Sheffield Students’ Union – Online Community’ here:


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