Music has a unique way of triggering emotional responses from people. If a collection of songs constantly makes you feel like crying one moment and dancing the next, then you’ve got yourself a solid album. 

That is exactly what Hudson Taylor’s latest creation, Loving Everywhere I Go, does. 

Loving Everywhere I Go is the Irish brother’s second full-length album. Like their 2015 album, Singing for Strangers, Loving Everywhere I Go features elements of folk-pop and rock. According to Hudson Taylor’s website, the duo hopes each song can encourage people to be more open-minded.

Loving Everywhere I Go magnificently showcases the pair’s musical duality. Their vocals and instrumentals invoke both an emotional and celebratory atmosphere. No matter which side of the spectrum their songs take you, Hudson Taylor’s signature harmonisation and sincere lyrics are always at the forefront.

The more cheery songs on the album manage to capture a youthful and boyish energy. In songs like ‘Favourite Song’ and ‘Pray for the Day’, drums and other percussion instruments collide with each other to craft an upbeat tempo. The songs’ choruses resemble a celebratory cheer. ‘Back To You’ is a refreshing and cheery take on your classic break-up and make-up song. The duo’s high-pitched voices glide over the “Oh oh oh” of the chorus, and are accompanied with quick tambourine beats and guitar strums. The track creates a carefree attitude despite the lyrics, “It’s really breaking my heart, I never got over you.” 

For every energetic song on the album, there is a soft-spoken and emotional one. Songs like, ‘I Will Be There for You’ and ‘Just Like That’ highlight why the duo is often referred to as the next Simon and Garfunkel. Their voices are gentle and blend with each other in perfect time and harmony. The instrumentals are stripped back to only a simple piano or violin melody. The saddest track off the album, ‘Nothing but a Stranger’ reflects a broken relationship. The pain of feeling betrayed by a person is apparent when Alfie sings, “Now you’re nothing but a stranger, you were so familiar, I don’t even know you now.” In these simple lullaby-like songs, the full emotional weight of the lyrics can be felt. 

The album might have taken Hudson Taylor three years to make, but the result was worth it. The pair manage to create music that invokes a sense of intimacy between an artist and its listeners. It is clear that Loving Everywhere I Go is a product of two brothers listening to their spirits and speaking from their hearts. 

5 out of 5 stars

Image Credit: rubyworks records


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