If you’d have asked me 2 weeks ago whether I’d heard of TCA, I would have shaken my head. As an avid gym-goer and fitness fanatic, it’s fair to say that the sportswear market is one that is massively busy and competitive, so searching in stores and scouring the internet for genuinely good quality products is something that many can say is somewhat of a challenge.  
When it comes to gym gear, you absolutely get what you pay for – don’t go cheap by thinking you’re getting yourself a good deal as it’s false economy. All regular exercise enthusiasts need something squat proof, breathable, that can pass the sweat test and above all… makes you feel your absolute best when working out. The gym is an anxiety-inducing environment for the majority, so making sure you’re doing your thing with pride and poise is nothing shy of crucial. And – you know what? TCA delivers. 
For the past 8 years, the brand’s founder, Frankie Thorogood, has dedicated his all to TCA to ensure all customers are provided with top quality products that have excellent durability and comfort. I recently had the opportunity to try out one of their fresh releases; the TCA Tech pack. Consisting of a medium-support sports bra (The Relentless Bra) that has removable SupremePro padding which allows those of any shape or size to have complete support when participating in any sporting activity. This was paired with the 3/4 length leggings designed to sit just above the ankle – which is absolutely fantastic for the 5’3 people like myself! – with lusciously soft material that I can confirm is squat proof. Some other pieces from their fresh Underground collection are the EQ Crop Tank and Relentless Power Shorts, designed to give you optimum movement whilst participating in your sporting activity. Both are the main highlights from the collection and are pieces most worth investing in.
When at the gym, I didn’t only feel entirely confident in the gym wear’s fit, but I also had the freedom to partake in all the exercises I adore without fear of the materials not being able to withstand the stretch. With that, something that shouldn’t be misjudged is that the impression portrayed from TCA’s website is that their ranges are targeted towards those who partake in more extreme gym sessions, and although I do appreciate my machine workouts, I also believe that being in touch with yoga activities is just as necessary. So, whether your workout routines consist of weight circuit activities, spin classes or Pilates, TCA’s merchandise is one that should not be missed. 
 Moreover, the brand is one that accommodates those on a smaller budget which is perfect for all us students! TCA offers its customers free delivery and free returns, so if you’re torn between which set to go for or which colour would best suit you, order a bunch and return what you’d prefer not to keep. Alternatively, many online retailers such as ASOS have recently started working alongside Klarna, a company that allows you to receive your products now and pay later. This is especially useful to those who find themselves between sizes or who have to wait until payday to splash out. This also ensures that TCA knows that whatever you order, there is a better chance of you finding something that you truly adore. It’s a win, win for everyone.
Despite being around for a few years, the brand itself is still relatively fresh but their mission has been the same since the start. They believe that good things come to those who work hard at what they do, and a genuine drive and passion are imperative for achieving success. Frankie’s quote on TCA’s website encourages anyone and everyone to push themselves to achieve their desired goals – “the reality is, nobody is born a winner – you have to become one”, and that’s what he has done with TCA, hoping that you too can push yourselves into being the best version of yourself. 


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